To other newsSep 21, 2012

September 21, 2012

Nestlé Research Tokyo, the Organization for Interdisciplinary Research Projects “Food for Life,” and the Nestlé Nutrition Council, Japan (NNCJ) recently held the 2nd annual Science Forum at Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan. This year’s topic was Sarcopenia and Ageing – Significance of Nutrition and Exercise.  

During this Symposium, some of Japan’s most recognized experts in geriatrics, exercise physiology and sports medicine discussed sarcopenia and its implications for the ageing Japanese society, in addition to recent advances in nutritional science and exercise physiology for the prevention of sarcopenia. Physical activity, combined with adequate nutrition tailored to the needs of the elderly, can help to prevent sarcopenia.

Nestlé Science Forum at Tokyo University

Sarcopenia is a condition of age-related loss of muscle mass and function.  It can lead to poor body balance, falls and fractures, resulting in a reduced ability to live independently.  Due to increased longevity, yet decreased physical activity of industrialized populations, sarcopenia is emerging as a major health concern in Japan and many other developed countries. 

The Symposium was very successful as measured by the quality of the presentations and the attendance of more than 400 participants from around the world. Hosting this annual research Symposium in Japan helps strengthen Nestlé’s commitment to promoting Nutrition, Health and Wellness in Japan.

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