Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nestlé Research Center?

The Nestlé Research Center (NRC), is at the heart of the worldwide Nestlé R&D network of excellence in science and technology, is an internationally-recognized institution for fundamental scientific research.

Why was the NRC built?

After the merger with Maggi in 1948, Nestlé expanded from a milk, coffee and chocolate company into other food categories including soups and sauces, frozen food and ice cream. In the 1960s, Nestlé decided to build a new facility for food and nutrition research to meet the new demands of the ever-widening product base of the company. The NRC was inaugurated in 1987 and Nestlé is now a world leader in food and nutrition research.

How does the NRC work with the Nestlé business?

The Nestlé R&D Network, including the Nestlé Research Center, works closely with Nestlé Business Units to drive product and process innovation and renovation. Their are Strategic Business Units for each product category which are linked with individual Nestlé markets as well as R&D.

What is the research focus of NRC?

The Nestlé Research Center performans a wide variety of research activities, from fundamental studies to more applied activities. The main research pillars include Nutrition & Health; Food Science & Technology; Quality & Safety; and Sensory & Consumer Sciences.

How many people work at the NRC?

The NRC has a staff of approximately 700 employees from 50 nationalities, including over 350 scientists, who generate the core knowledge in food and nutrition research for the entire Nestlé group.

What tangible results does the NRC achieve?

In addition to research-based solutions for existing Nestlé food products and for new product development, the NRC is an active player in the international world of science. Last year alone, NRC scientists published over 200 peer-reviewed scientific publications and submitted over 90 patent applications.

How do I get to the Nestlé Research Center?

Download the directions to the Nestlé Research Center

How can I contact the Nestlé Research Center?

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